Nobody can nag me about having dirty jeans anymore…

A confession here, I was my jeans every five days. I don’t know if thats often compared to other people. It’s just what I do. But some people are ridiculous. On Gizmodo I found a post about someone who wore the same pair of jeans for fifteen months as a scientific experiment, to then compare them to a pair worn for thirteen days. He supposidely found that the jeans had the same amounts of bacteria on them.

Really? That is such a ridiculous experiment. But it is an interesting article.

My first impressions of Gizmodo is that it seems to be a review and preview blog, specialsing in technology niche. As with the jeans story, it looks at the quirky side of news. The uphill ‘skizee’ is yet another example of this. Gizmodo looks to be first to break gadget stories, making it the first place for ‘Techies’ to visit when they want the next fix of gadget news.


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