All as bad as VD

Well, it’s that joyous time of year again. February 14th. The time of year in which Clintons Cards make ridiculous amounts of money, for literally nothing. Why is Valentines day even celebrated? What’s the point? If you love someone, you shouldn’t be governed by an American holiday, saying that this is the specific day which you must tell that special person in your life that you “love” them.  A ridiculous concept.

Valentines day is “celebrated” because  it was observed as a Catholic Saints day untill 1969. So, how did this once religious day turn into the “Hallmark holiday” it is now? When the Catholics dropped it as a Saints day, the romantic notions just continued throughout society, spreading like a disease. Valentines Day… More like Venereal Disease, spreading throughout society, only spreading to those stupid enough to be caught unawares.

The whole concept of these “Hallmark Holidays” just astounds me. It is just rampant commercialism, forcing poor men to spend their last few pennies on something “special” for their Valentine. How can a dozen red roses really cost 35 quid… and that’s the cheapest I found when researching! The same with Halloween. A holiday which suits companies, more than those involved.

I understand that some of you reading will just think this is a bitter rant by someone who has no Valentine. You would be partly true, but the pure fact is that I just don’t buy into this ridiculous commercialism, so even if I was in a relationship, all the lucky woman would get is a simple “Happy Valentines day” and a kiss.

Maybe the government should invent more holidays, might get the public spending and help get the economy back on track!


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