Thanks cleaners, thanks alot

In my experience of university halls, it seems as though most of us students fit into two categories… Those whose bedrooms are totally immaculate (you know who you are) and those such as myself, who can barely see the floor space or desk space! There is actually no middle ground. It’s a choice that is made early on, either the room remains like it was the day you walked in, or you add your own clutter.

At this moment in time, I am currently sat on my bed, over-looking a floor covered in… clothes, socks, books, bag, phone charger, laptop charger, receipts, shopping bags and a basket full of clean washing. It makes it more homely, feels like it is inhabited. Those tidy, clutter free rooms, do they say anything about you?

However, I am yet to see, in any halls, a kitchen that is kept constantly tidy. Most contains, if not days, weeks worth of washing up, dirty unwashed tea towels and a bin full of rubbish. Well these comments do sum up my flats kitchen, but this was trumped on Sunday night. To cut a long story short, some idiots from the flat across from us decided to dump six black bags full of rubbish in OUR kitchen. The cheek of it. Out of principle, we refused to take it out. The Halls staff then decided to threaten to charge us if  we didn’t take our rubbish out! How ridiculous. Firstly, it’s not our rubbish, secondly, you have people you pay to take rubbish out. Why do you think we pay ridiculous amounts of rent for cold, tiny rooms?

We have informed the staff of the situation and hope that they decide to sort the problem out before we have a rat infestation!


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