Not COD, FIFA is truly the best gaming series

I’ve had a sick day today, feeling extremely rough. That means I’ve had to find entertainment in the ten foot box that is my bedroom. Of course there’s the classic 24 DVDs, but how many hours can you really watch Keifer Sutherland shouting at terrorists? This, of course, leads me to my xbox  360 and, on said console, FIFA 11 has to be the ultimate game.

It’s perfect. Even playing against the computer is a challenge. Turn the AI team up to legendary difficulty and you’ve got a battle on your hands, no matter which team you pick, it’s going to be a hard-fought match. On legendary you literally have no time on the ball, you get it and the defender is there. Despite this, I emerged victorious as Arsenal vs. West Ham and then against their arch rivals Spurs (I know, I have no life.)

It is a much better game to play socially though. Get a big group together, four controllers and some beer, and you have the perfect night in. It’s a game of great drama and skill, with only the best team players earning victory. With my competitive nature, I couldn’t think of anything better for a lads night in. It’s not even a bad game to watch. It is like watching an intense twenty-minute football match and, unlike COD, it doesn’t make you feel sick if you watch it.

I’m not saying that the Call of Duty series isn’t unbelievable, because it well and truly is. The gameplay is excellent, the graphics are beautiful and the multiplayer is like nothing else in the market. It is a near-perfect series, that cannot be denied, I just think that FIFA is better.


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