The joys of interviewing

In our multimedia journalism module, we have recently been set the task of making a three-minute pod cast on the topic of our choice. I have chosen the topic of what the public generally think of journalists. As I said in a previous post, this lead me to the streets of Harrow getting vox-pops on what the general public think of journalists. As a follow-up to this, today I interviewed a senior journalism lecturer from the university about his views on the issues that the public raised, from lazy journalism to journalists who only print what they want to, rather than the story.

Although I had previously met the lecturer, I still felt the nerves of interviewing a stranger. The interview was very successful and I got the content that I needed to make my pod cast to a good standard. I left the interview feeling chirpy and with a big smile on my face. At first it felt like a mixture of nerves and adrenaline, then I realised I am actually really enjoying what I’m doing…

The interviewing is enjoyable, talking to people on the street about their opinions is interesting and the satisfaction of finding out new things is un-comparable. Even when people snub you for an interview, it felt good. Any possible doubts about what I am doing here have been totally eradicated.

For the first time in my life, I can say… I am enjoying my work.


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