Maybe i’m not the doctor I thought I could be…

Hugh Laurie 2
Image by Buou via Flickr

For my two and a half thousand word research report, I have taken a look at the television medical drama industry and how it presents both ethical and moral issues, focusing on House. I am a huge fan of House, Hugh Laurie’s brilliant portrayal of the arrogant, eccentric doctor is second to none in the world of film and television. He is just brilliant. When watching House, I can follow the storyline, picking up on aspects of the dialogue and attempting to work out the possible diagnosis of the patient.

This has always given me the thought that I could be a doctor or actually be able to at least understand real medicine, but when it comes to understanding real medical jargon, having to explain it and turn it into digestible information for other non-experts to understand. Not an easy task… when I don’t understand it either.

After working on it for a few hours now, I have very little progress in terms of word count. I have a great interview with a medical student about his views on the ethical issues presented. This is a great interview and will help my report massively.

The fact that shows like House can actually make you think you understand medicine is triumph to their quality. If they convince a novice like me that they are a medical expert, they are doing their job well.

I think, what I thought my understanding of medicine was, was actually an understanding of television drama and their codes. I think I’m going to stick to my analysis of the media in the future though.


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