Video online- it’s a changed game

As Charlie Brooker pointed out on Newswipe,  television news reports are now all the same. His mocking video helped this click for me. I had never really thought about how TV news worked, but as soon as I saw his video… I noticed it was true.

We were asked to analyse the video content of online news organisations and see how they compare to traditional uses of video for news. The first site I looked at was the BBC video page.  The content on the BBC was exactly as I expected… traditional. It seemed to stick to the television news structure. I watched the news bulletin and two other reports that were so traditional, they didn’t even register in my brain, hence why I can’t tell you what they were about! The stories were just cut down versions of the traditional tv news reports. Not an interesting use of online.

I then moved to the Guardian video website. Instantly, it seemed much more accessible and much less traditional. The content is brilliant in comparison to the BBC. It’s much more feature based, so isn’t just a journalist spoon-feeding you a news story. It’s opinion, comment and analysis. The video I enjoyed the most on the Guardian site was Alexander Armstrong and Ben Millar’s look at buying a car.

The BBC has failed in their attempt to incorporate video online, with their ‘cut and paste’ ethic from their television channel.  The Guardian is slightly better, but it’s advertising is frustrating and some of the videos were just press conferences they just chucked online. Improvement needed all round I think…


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