Pegg and Frost strike gold again

Comic-Con 2010 - Paul panel - Simon Pegg and N...
Image by via Flickr

Since the release of Hot Fuzz in 2007, he have not seen an appearance (at least not together) of comic duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. So the release of their latest collaboration ‘Paul’ will have been extremely widely anticipated by all.

The stars, who wrote the script to ‘Paul’, play English comic book “nerds” Graeme Willey (Pegg) and Clive Gollings (Frost) who are on an American road trip, when they encounter Paul, an alien from outer space, voiced by Knocked Up star Seth Rogen. Paul enlists the help of Graeme and Clive to try to escape Earth, before agent Zoil (Jason Bateman) can track them down.

As you would expect, the film delivers all of the usual thrills and spills you come to expect Pegg/Frost film.

Being a Sci-Fi comedy, you would expect to see the film crammed with classic Sci-Fi references… and Paul didn’t fail, with seemingly every other scene referencing to a classic Star Wars scenes. This included scenes such as the bar fight from ‘A New Hope’ and the classic tracking shot under a space cruiser.

I did find the middle of the film quite slow though. I know Hot Fuzz receives similar criticism for its slow pace, but ‘Paul’ did leave me checking my watch in the cinema.

However, I did really enjoy ‘Paul’. I thought the script was great (credit to Pegg and Frost), the characters were loveable and the pace picked up in the last forty-five minutes. Overall it was a great film, but could be lost in translation to anyone who hasn’t seen the classic Star Wars movies… (But who hasn’t??)




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