Queen Mary students fight Olympic prejudices

The sight of students flocking to the streets of London has been more than a common sight in the last few months. Bottles being thrown and students causing havoc, desecrating the capitals monuments… But not today.

Drama students from Queen Mary university didn’t take to the streets to protest about education cuts, but to demonstrate against the 2012 Olympics excluding the borough of Tower Hamlets from any events and more importantly the Olympic Torch relay.

The group of twenty-five ran from The Gherkin, near Liverpool Street to Mile End, carrying an “Olympic Torch”, made from takeaway boxes. In order to inform the people of the borough how the Olympics has been snubbed from the area.

Despite the cold winters day, the runners were in good voice and spirit, chanting and singing, gaining support for their cause, with members of the public joining in for bursts of the run.

One of the event organisers, Katherine Williams, said, “We are wearing the colours of the Olympic Rings, using paint and glitter to brighten up the area, to make it pleasing enough for the Olympic organising committee.” This is a clear attempt to brighten up the supposedly ‘ugly’ borough.

“East London was promised regeneration when it was promised the Olympics and we are yet to see anything happen.”

As to whether the event will have any effect on the Games, only time will tell. It was clear to see the intervention was successful in spreading the message and it was evident that the protesters enjoyed themselves.


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