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As a Southampton fan living away from Southampton, it’s tough to get too games. Particularly as I work all day Saturday, most Saturday’s. This leaves me using the wonder, that is Blackberry web browser, to find out the score every week and then BBC’s minute and a half highlights to see the goals from the game.

Over the Christmas break, I tried to make the most of seeing the Saints. I saw two games and took a coach ride to one that was cancelled. I saw the away win at Dagenham and Redbridge, the home draw with Notts County and travelled to Charlton on Boxing Day, for the game to be cancelled as I get outside the ground (I was most angry!!).

The home game against Notts County was extremely disappointing. A dull, lack-luster nil-nil draw. That seems to be a common result when I visit St Mary’s stadium for a league game. Dull nil-nil’s. It’s rare I see the crushing victories that I have got used to reading about on BBC Sport Saints page.

Is this because teams in League One recognise us as one of the biggest sides and come to St Mary’s for the point? Or am I just a bad omen?

The thing is my away record speaks for itself. Touch wood… I am yet to see an away defeat for the Saints. I have been to 7 away games and am yet to see the Saints leave with nothing and have seen two demolitions of Bristol Rovers at the Memorial Stadium.

I say touch wood as I am watching Saints away at Colchester tomorrow afternoon and hope that this post hasn’t cursed it.

I don’t know if it’s just the results of the away games that make me prefer them, it just seems that there’s an added spice to an away match. You know that your fellow fans will be bellowing out “Oh when the Saints” with you, standing the entire game and making the atmosphere electric. I think it’s much more fun.

I do enjoy a good home game there and then, but I don’t think a home game can match the excitement of an away tie… especially a crucial one, such as the Colchester tie.


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