Twice as nice

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

I have always been a great defender of tablet computers, particularly Apple’s iPad. When I found out this morning that Apple had announced the release of their new iPad 2, I was extremely eager to read some reviews of the new system.

I’m not a huge techie, so I visited some gadget sites to see what all of the new features meant. Techradar gave me quite a good list of the twelve things that you need to know about the new iPad.

Well, on a positive side, the new iPad is much thinner and lighter. It’s 33% thinner and 15% lighter, making it thinner than Apple’s iPhone 4. It can’t be accused of being chunky any more. It has a new graphics card, a dual core processor, Apple’s new iOS 4.3 running system, has Face-Time and can act as a wireless hot-spot.

So on the whole… A lot of improvements on the original tablet… and all for the same starting price as the original iPad.

It seems that some of the features are the same. The battery life has stayed the same at a reported 10 hours, which is none too shabby (ten times the life of my laptop!!) and the 9.7 inch display is the same as the previous version.

The iPad 2 is released on March 25th and is expected to start at a price of £439.



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