Dry as the Gobi

My sense of humour is extremely strange. Some people get it, some people don’t and most people don’t find it funny… But it is mine.

My incessant sarcastic comments must really get under some people’s skin, with some people thinking that all of my sarcasm is me telling the truth, with me having to explain “I was only joking”.

It is rare to find humour in the media that is matched to mine, so when I found out a friend from uni had a similarly dry sense of humour and a podcast on iTunes, I was intrigued. The Wells and Hodge podcast is a comedy podcast, where Tom Hodge and his friend Andrew Wells discuss… well whatever pops into their heads.

Tom is the grumpy student, taking an extremely negative view of the world compared to Andrew, who comes across as a optomistic nice guy. The pair bounce off of each other well and create great comedy.

The podcast is available for download on iTunes, available to follow on Facebook. I seriously recommend it.


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