Guts, Gore and I wasn’t scared… much!

Tobin Bell, who portrays Jigsaw, has been the ...
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I’ve seen the first few films in the Saw series before, but not for many many years. So, when I bought the 1 to 6 box set, I was eager to watch the series again from the start. And, it was much more gruesome than I ever remembered…

For those who haven’t seen the films, they are about a serial killer, who sets his victims a series of gruesome challenges, which usually results in their death. “Jigsaw” picks his victims based on whether the people value their lives or not.

The “challenges” that Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) puts his victims through are a gruesome torture series which results in guts flying everywhere and the most disgusting of scenes you can see on-screen.

In the main torture scene of the opening film, two men are trapped together in a dingey bathroom, with what is supposedly a dead body between them, with only hack saws and a tape machine with their instructions.

As the scene pans out, through desperation, one of the trapped men decides to saw his foot off in order to save his family.

The pure gore of the series results in the critique of “torture porn”, giving a gratuitous almost glorifying feel to what is the bleak and disgusting world of torture.

Having seen Paranormal Activity last year, I instantly drew a comparison between the two. Which one is more scary? Which one left me more on edge? Which one coursed the most adrenaline through my veins? … It has to be Saw.

The whole premise of Saw is just as ridiculous as the idea of demonic possession, it just seems much more real. The quality of film making, the portrayal of psychopathic murders is exceptional. It brings, what is a tough and challenging subject to life and makes it seem as though it can happen.

It scares me much more as demonic possession is extremely rare and is unproven, whereas the news shows us day in and day out that psychopaths exist… and that is much scary than the off-chance of becoming possessed.



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