“I’m on a drug, It’s called Charlie Sheen”

Charlie Sheen in March 2009
Image via Wikipedia

It’s rare that you here someone say ‘I read something interesting in The Sun the other day’, but this Saturday, that’s what I thought. While reading Richard Bacon’s guest column, I found a feature about Ashley Cole. The brilliant counterintuitive feature called, the controversial Cole “a national hero”.

He says that Cole has a skill that nobody else in Britain does, the ability to attract more media attention than any other Britain “And don’t forget, Jordan is British”.

In recent years, Cole has attracted media attention by shooting teenagers with air rifles and having an affair, despite being married to Cheryl Cole, one of the most beautiful women in the country.

“He is our Charlie Sheen. And he is winning.” And Cole is similar, only less exaggerated.

Charlie Sheen, obviously has received a lot of media attention in the last few weeks for his drug problem. During interview, Sheen came up with some of the most classic quotes of our generation:

“I’m bi-winning”

“The run I was on made Sinatra, Jagger, Flynn and Richards look like droopy eyed  arm-less children”

” I have one gear… GO”

“I was banging seven gram rocks, that’s how I roll.”

There are many many more. His constant tweeting of #winning and #tigerblood has resulted in his having nearly 3 million followers on Twitter.

With Sheen constantly being in every media publication, we are being bombarded with his every move. However, the best of these is the parady song which has acquired over 9 and a quarter million hits on Youtube.

Sheen is a master of publicity and he is doing his job perfectly. It seems as though he is constantly looking for his next publicity stunt to make, whether that be going on holiday to Barbados with three women or standing on top of a building waving a machete, we should all see that Charlie Sheen is great entertainment value in out media and we should appreciate him. As we should Ashley Cole.

Charlie Sheen will not be able to keep this up forever so will probably be looking to change how he deals with the press. What he does, nobody will know.. but be sure he will still “be on a drug called Charlie Sheen”


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