I hate to say it but “Oh na na What’s My Name”

I have offended myself with that headline… But it fits so perfectly into the topic of my post.

I work part-time for a retail company ( I am not going to name them for many many reasons), working every Saturday for eight hours, stacking shelves. In a retail team, there is usually plenty of discussion between colleagues about anything and everything. This normally forms quite a nice working social environment, where work gets done and colleagues socialise while doing so. This was the case at my previous part-time retail job, but not at this one.

I have worked there since September/October 2010, so six months now. That is approximately twenty-six Saturday’s, with the odd Friday or Sunday of overtime. This probably equates to over two hundred hours in the store. You are probably now wondering why I am giving you these random facts. It is because i found out today, that in a team of around twelve weekend staff, nearly half of them still don’t know my name.

Today, I was called almost every name, other than Nick. One colleague believes that my name is Neil! Where did he get that from… I have never introduced myself as Neil. A new member of staff asked a lady, who has worked every Saturday since I started, I must add, what my name was. The lady replies “Michael, Mick or Mickey”. How difficult is it to remember my name, It is four letters… N-I-C-K. Nick. Not anything else, especially not Neil!

The worst thing is… I wear a name badge seeing as I work in retail. It isn’t just a disrespectful thing not knowing my name, it’s a down right ridiculous thing. Can you not read the four letter name on my badge and work out that that is my name?

It seems that the social aspect of work isn’t going to happen for me at this store. I may however go round on a crazed spree on my last day shoving my name badge in the face of all those who have gotten my name wrong in the last few months…


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