Sexism of the highest order

Well, we often hear of gender inequalities in this world. However, it is rare to hear about sexism against men.

When I was out clubbing in London this Wednesday night, I was subjected to one of the worst cases of sexism that I have ever seen. Arriving outside Chinawhites, the club in question, we were greeted by a bouncer telling us that it was free for women to enter the club, but there was a twenty pound charge for men to enter the club.

This is ridiculous! How can they be allowed to charge people twenty pounds more based on their gender, based on their genitalia. It’s disgraceful. If a woman were told she had to pay extra for something, solely based on her gender, there would be outrage, there would be enquiries, there would be court cases, there would be uproar.

Why is it so different for men? Why is there not an investigation into this blatant sexism? It is the sort of thing that makes me feel sick.

Not only did they wish to charge us twenty pound for entry, because of our penis’, when we entered the club, the price of three shots of whiskey would have cost thirty-five pounds! A price that no man could justify. This is while, the women we entered the club with, sipping on the free vodkas that were provided for them.

This is a horrific form of sexism and needs enquiry. Why should we suffer inequalities like this?

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One thought on “Sexism of the highest order

  1. Well spotted! Feminists throughout decades protested, putting their lives on the line for equality between women and men, NOT to make women better than men. It defeats the whole notion of feminism. It’s true that we women hate living in a patriarchal society, but living in a completely matriarchal one isn’t any better. Furthermore, as a feminist, I completely object to this ‘free entrance’ for women as this is clearly objectifying them as objects that are coaxed in to provide the men who pay, a choice of women to ‘pull’ and hit on. Disgrace. Free or not. You’ll never see me in a club like this.

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