Multimedia… the new way online

While surfing the web, I came across a website called Zemi, that aims to deliver “compelling digital storytelling that delivers on the Internet’s potential to engage, inform and entertain”. From the Zemi site, I found, what they call their ‘digital stories’. This is a section that uses various forms of media, to tell a story.

The first story I looked at was “12 Events That Will Change Everything, Made Interactive“. This was a story that was originally published in the Scientific American magazine, before Zemi decided to make the story interactive.

The “12 events” story talks of the twelve events that will change the world, from Asteroid Collisions to a deadly pandemic. From the main menu, you can select each of twelve categories by clicking on them. In each sub menu, there are video clips, audio clips, interviews and articles, all of which are picked by the viewer, bringing the topic to life.

The viewer is offered a chance to vote on the likelihood of the event occurring and can hear what the author thinks of the likelihood. This engages the reader in the subject and makes them feel like their vote is worthwhile. Zemi bring the story to life, giving what could be a potentially tedious story, into an exciting package all readers will be interested in.

I believe that this can be the future of online journalism. It is interactive, engaging and makes the reader interested in the topic, despite its potentially dry nature. This is an example of how web journalism is making the most of its multimedia potential, rather than just being an extension of traditional print media.


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