Competitor blog analysis

For the group blog assessment, we have decided to embark on a dual project, ‘Good News’ and ‘Cultural criticisms’.

Firstly, I decided to research into ‘good news’ blogs. While researching, I found two blog sites that had potentially filled our niche. The first,, was an amateur looking site, claiming to provide “real good news”. Firstly, the site looked extremely poor and unattractive for the digital age. The second major flaw was the lack of content uploaded, with the last post being uploaded in March 2009. Another good news blog is run by James Parmis via Blogger. The blogger template made the site, once again, look unprofessional. Once again no content had been published in the last year.

This made me confident that the idea of a ‘good news blog’ was unique and potentially a venture that could fill a gap in the market.

When moving onto research of cultural critiques, it seemed that there were already a huge number of opinion based blogs, criticising popular culture. Sites such as Bebrowed’s blog offered critiques of culture but didn’t seem very impressive. We decided, that since we needed a unique selling point to stand out from the crowd, we should run a direct cultural debate between two writers, taking polar opposite views about anything from, arts, entertainment and sport.

The two key points of our editorial content, seem reasonably niche and unique, compared to the wide world of blogs that are available on the internet.


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