iPad… Amazing

Courtesy of Vodafone

Big news… Today, I purchased the brand spanking new iPad 2. And on first impressions, I am extremely impressed. Apples brand new tablet computer was released at the end of March and has so far proved extremely successful.

Ok, there are hundreds of reviews of this product everywhere, so I’m just going to give you my basic opinion. Starting with the speed of the thing… Blimey, it’s fast. On, what is usually a reasonable Internet connection, pages load in a matter of seconds, videos buffer instantly and the screen flip feature is instantaneous.

The app selection is vast, from newspapers, to games, to social networking via Facebook and twitter, the app store has it all. With many of these products being free to download, what’s not to love?

The camera is excellent and the battery life is a supposed 10 hours. I am yet to fully test the battery life of the tablet, but it seems that I have had 83% charge for an extremely long time now.

The HD screen is extremely clear and provides excellent picture quality all round. I must say the quality on apps, especially the Sky News app, is unbelievable

Having opted for the standard wi-fi iPad, I’m not yet disappointed. The connection speeds are fast and with hundreds of hotspots up and down the country, I can’t see there being too huge an issue with the lack of the rip off 3G!

Well, this post is going to be signed off short, mainly because I’m not the fastest typer on a touch screen (despite the fact the keys are spacious and easy to use), the other reason is that Angry Birds in HD is calling me!


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