Nonagon group blog:Evaluation

Our group blog was born from two key ideas. Firstly, we began from my idea as a ‘Good News’ blog. I thought that this would give us an extremely different, niche blog project. With news being full of bad news, I believed that a counterintuitive blog such as this could have been a success. After a quick survey of friends of mine, it seemed that a ‘good news’ blog could have been a success.

However, not everyone in the group thought that good news could create a successful blog. James wanted to incorporate his idea of ‘cultural criticisms’ into the project. I was initially extremely unhappy with this idea, as I felt it took away the niche of our blog and just made it the same as any other project out there.

We overcame this generic feel by running criticisms head to head. This meant that writers with different viewpoints could post their views about popular culture, sport or any issue the writers disagreed on. This varied from music, films, sport and many other topics. I tried to utilise social media, asking the social media correspondents to set up a discussion board and polls on the blogs Facebook page. However, we didn’t use this to its full potential.

As editor, one of the biggest challenges was organising a group of nine people to post their articles, on an extremely short deadline. This involved lots of organisation skills. However, I feel like I lead the group well as most posts were submitted on time and everyone reached their five articles, including two head-to-head pieces. I helped control the editorial content, making decisions on the angle people should take on their pieces.

I lead by example, helping out with design, sub-editing and scheduling. I made sure I was ready to post on the correct day in attempt to have the rest of the group follow suit.

The biggest problem of our group was communication. With a few big personalities in the group, it was sometimes difficult to keep meetings on track and make sure everybody knew what they were doing.

I feel that the blog was a success overall, achieving nearly 800 page views in three weeks. I think that maybe we could have been more successful and more unique sticking to the original idea of a ‘good news’ blog.


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