Britain has spoken and it’s devastating for the Lib Dems

Ballot Box courtesy of

So, May 5th saw Britain’s chance to have their say on the way we vote in Britain. We were offered the choice of sticking with our current system, First past the post, or changing to the alternative system, aptly named, the Alternative Vote.

With this being the UK’s second national referendum in history, 19.1 million voters, 42% of the population, turned out to cast their opinion on how Britain should vote in the future.

A huge 69% of these 19.1 million voted not to change to the alternative vote. This means that Britain will be sticking with the First Past the Post system.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg described the results as “a bitter blow for all those people, like me, who believe in the need for political reform.” Similarly, Labour leader and ‘Yes’ campaigner Ed Milliband described the result of the referendum as “disappointing”.

Thus far, over 400 areas of the UK have voted no to AV, with only 10 voting for the change. These are six London boroughs including Camden and Southwark voting for change along with the areas Glasgow Kelvin, Edinburgh Central, Oxford and Cambridge.

Prime Minister David Cameron described the result as a “resounding answer that settles the question” of electoral reform.

This wasn’t the only major defeat for the Liberal Democrats. They lost 821 seats and 10 Councils in the English council elections and 12 seats in the Scottish parliamentary elections. This is devastating blow for the Lib Dems, who seem to be taking most of the public flak for the coalition governments spending cut.

These results benefit both the Conservatives and Labour as both made considerable gains at the Lib Dems expense. The Scottish National Party had a historic victory in the Scottish Parliamentary elections, means that the SNP can form a majority government in Scotland, a first step towards a referendum for Scottish independence.

Are you pleased with the referendum results? What did you vote? Join the AV debate on Facebook, Twitter @naspearing and of course on the blog page itself.


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