Some people shouldn’t be parents!

Working in retail, you hear quite a few conversations between customers. Most staff members, like me (normally), block out the tedious conversations of others. Others listen in and enjoy hearing about other people’s lives (these are normally the sort of staff members who read Heat magazine and love celebrities.)

The other day however, I heard something so atrocious I couldn’t just block it out…

Let me set the scene for you. I was filling the shelves in my store, minding my own business just trying to keep up with the high demand for the stock, when a young family walked past me. This family contained a young man, probably aged mid twenties, a young woman of a similar age and a young boy in a buggy, probably aged one or two. (I’m not good at judging baby ages).

Anyway, I return to the story. The young family were walking along the aisle of the store, when the young child starts crying. The mother continues pushing her trolley along, selecting her items, seemingly ignoring the child. The father similarly continues pushing the buggy along.

A crying baby. Courtesy of

Less than a minute later, the incident occurred. The dad stops the buggy. Walks round the front. Turns to his infant son and utters perhaps the worst thing I have ever heard…

“What’s wrong with you, you little FAGGOT?”

What the hell! How can he say that to his infant son? Why would you say that? What sort of person (let alone parent) would say that?

I was standing there bemused. I began to question what I had just heard. “No, he can’t have said that. Could he?”

But he had…

I just want to know how someone can say that. Even as I type this post I struggle to believe that this incident actually happened.

The worst thing is… this seems to be becoming a trend amongst young parents. When I told my mum this story, she told me of a young mum who was swearing directly in the face of her toddler for five minutes. I know children can be annoying, but nothing they can do should push you this far.

I’m going to put this out there… Some people shouldn’t be parents. A man, who refers to his baby son as a “faggot” should not be a parent. It’s not fair on the child.

What chance does that boy have of growing up and being emotionally stable. I’m a great believer that, how you are as an adult is a direct reflection of how you were raised. If you walk all over your parents, you are likely to run wild as a teenager. If you are abused emotionally as a child (look at Michael Jackson), you are likely to become emotionally unstable later in life.

People who are similar to these parents should seriously take some consideration before they decide to have a baby. If they don’t take into consideration the effect that their parenting will have on their child in the future, they don’t deserve a child. The amount of stable, potentially ‘good parents’ out there, who cannot conceive for whatever reason, are much more deserving of children than these sort of parents.

Have you experienced any poor parenting recently? If you have, get in touch with me in all the usual places, Facebook, Twitter @naspearing and of course on the post itself.


4 thoughts on “Some people shouldn’t be parents!

  1. That’s bad. i hate it when parents do that. I’ve heard kids being called little sh**s and in one case at work, I heard a parent call his kid a c**t. Parenting like this is sickening and it’s because of this that we have so many ASBO kids running around the country.

  2. The person my sister sees about her son is told if he cries just to ignore him in public places for no reason, its just an attention thing so I tend not to judge. I’ve seen parents hit their little kids while walking home from school and I’ve seen many parents call them all the swear words you could image in the same sentence. Some people are just sick and I also believe that a child reflections on from the parents. for example, my sister has bipolar so sometimes she tends to shout and he does the same back to her and always has (he’s 5 now btw), I never knew how clever kids were and how they copy every little reaction you do. he also does similar threats to what she does.

    1. I’m not judging the young children as it’s a fact of life… kids cry. I understand that it is tough for parents, by no means am i saying it’s easy. I was just slightly shaken by that mans comment.

      1. No matter how hard it is, they should never shout or speak rudely to their child. Too many people are having kids thinking it’s easy.

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