Business… It’s a man’s world, or is it? (contains spoilers)

Jim's deal was ultimately the winning move, Courtesy of

Series 7 of the Apprentice has bought us an extremely entertaining first few episodes and last nights edition (episode 3) has not disappointed either. Episode 3 saw the return of the classic buying task. Lord Sugar asked the teams to acquire ten items for the Savoy hotel at the cheapest price possible.

After a catastrophic start for the boy’s team, Logic, Lord Sugar decided to mix the teams up. Susan took control of the new look Team Venture, while Gavin took control of Logic. With the early favourite Jim moving to Venture, it looked a bleak start for Gavin and Logic.

After spending three hours researching, and getting nowhere, he decided to finally hit the streets in search for his bargains. After displaying excellent leadership, Susan and her team secured 8 locations of their items before Gavin and Logic had secured one.

Logic’s woes continued on the streets, as they struggled to acquire the items. Meanwhile, Jim dealt what was to be the winning blow, constantly knocking the price off of fillet steaks, including a last minute ten pound. Tom secured a great deal to bring Logic back into the game at the last minute, spending £180 less for his tea than Venture.

After securing only 6 items, compared to Venture’s 9, Logic looked to have incurred a heavy defeat but because of Susan’s crazy tea ‘deal’ it was a close game. Venture eventually came through as the winner by a mere £7.51. How good does Jim’s bargaining on the steak look now?

Gavin’s shambolic leadership was called up by Lord Sugar in the boardroom as he announced it “criminal” to only get 6 items. Gavin bought sub-team leader Vincent back and the unknown Zoe. Gavin launched an attack on Vincent’s leadership, but it was Vincent’s defence that bought a classic Sugar moment to the episode. After Vincent claimed “the people I negotiate with remember me… I think they will remember me after I’m gone” Sugar replied quickly with “Well let’s see if I remember you”.

After deliberation with Nick and Karen, Lord Sugar fired Gavin for his poor leadership, which ultimately lead to the failure of the task.

I have to say that Gavin was probably at fault for the failing of the task, but Lord Sugar could have just as easily fired Vincent. He was rude, a poor leader and is way too arrogant for his own good. I wouldn’t want to work with him!

I was disappointed with some of the girls from team Logic. I say “some of the girls” purely because I still couldn’t name them. They just sit in the shadows and after Sugar’s warning last week, I thought we would see them step forward. Evidently not. Jim once again impressed me. His ‘Jedi-esque’ mind tricks when buying were the main reason for Venture’s success on this task.

Another male down in the competition as the women prove that business is no longer a man’s world. Did you agree with Lord Sugar? Can you name any of these unknown women? Any comments and opinions are welcome on Facebook, Twitter @naspearing and in the comments below. Find more Apprentice content on the official website and check out the official blog.


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