A “pig ugly loss” (contains spoilers)

First female casualty of the boardroom Felicity Jackson. Courtesy of Virgin Media

After £8 seperated the teams on the buying task, I wasn’t expecting this week’s task to be anywhere near as close

Lord Sugar continued his succession of taking the candidates to places with very loose connection to the task, as he led the candidates to the British Museum just because there was a statue of Aphrodite. Relevant much?

Anyway… After a close call in the boardroom last week, Zoe moved to team Venture and was selected as team leader. In reverse, Jim and Felicity moved to Logic and Felicity was selected as project manager. With both Zoe and Felicity contributing little to the first three tasks, it seemed Lord Sugar was moving them directly into the firing line.

Venture, with beauty “expert” Susan, won the first battle when selecting treatments. Venture’s enthusiasm won them the lucrative spray tan treatment (£37 profit from 20 minutes). However, Susan battled Zoe trying to get more product to sell. Zoe rightly stuck to her guns as there was over £80 of product left as it was. Would have been a horrendous deduction has Susan doubled the order!

Logic were equally struggling. After not realising the best margins were in the treatments, Felicity and her team went for the easier sell of the product. This lead to Ellie and Melody sitting in a treatment room doing nothing for three hours. Lord Sugar was unimpressed.

Back in the boardroom, Nick and Karen revealed the results. A small profit of £200 for Venture… a poor performance. But team Logic bought one of the best lines out of this weeks episode. Nick Hewer revealed “a pig ugly loss of £300” for team Logic, one of the worst performances in Apprentice history.

Sugar also hit well with another classic one liner. After quizzing Logic about their failure to secure the lucrative tanning treatment, Sugar quickly turned to Vincent and said “It looks like Vincent got to use the tan before they left!” This classic Sugar statement left me and my friends in stitches.

After much deliberation, Logic’s leader, Felicity decided to bring back Ellie and Natasha into the final boardroom, despite Tom getting some flak for his performance. Ellie and Natasha joined forces to pin the blame on Felicity and Sugar agreed with them. Felicity fell at her first hurdle and became the first woman fired by the Lord.

I was unimpressed with the leadership from Zoe and Felicity. Zoe openly criticised Susan for something that couldn’t be changed at that point and in doing so completely flattened the morale of the entire team. Felicity didn’t recognise where the best margins were, despite being told many times by Tom.

I didn’t feel like there were any stand-out performers this week. Both teams were unimpressive and it could have easily been any of the candidates in the firing line this week. Susan disappointed due to her experience in the industry not shining through. Leon’s finger trick for selling was interesting to say the least.

Hopefully the candidates can impress me, and more importantly Lord Sugar, in next weeks task. Comment in all the usual places, Facebook, Twitter @naspearing and below in the comments. For more Apprentice content check out the official BBC website and a blog post from Stuart Baggs “The Brand”.


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