“Not Logic, more Tragic” (contains spoilers)

Jim Eastwood has a narrow escape. Courtesy of BBC

Week 5 saw Lord Sugar set Logic and Venture the task of creating and branding a new range of pet food. With Vincent taking control of Logic, Glenn took charge of Venture.

The task seems simple on paper. Create a brand, create a name, create an advert and pitch it to the industry experts. With Logic choosing the dog food market and Venture choosing the cat market to pitch to. Vincent began with deciding not to make his product niche. He wanted to target the entire dog market, rather than just a small percentage, despite the clear warning from both team mate Tom and a vet.

After tasking Leon, Zoe and the unseen Helen in charge of making the brand, Project Manager Glenn undercut his sub-team with his idea of the slim-line cat food market. Tensi0ns were high as Zoe and Leon felt that Glenn had wasted their time by under-cutting them. Glenn commanded Zoe to give him the respect he deserves, with Zoe quickly reminding him that respect is earned.

Melody delivered a strong pitch for Logic, compared to the stammering mess that was Leon’s pitch. The industry experts seemed baffled by Logic’s idea of “Every Dog” suggesting that dog owners would find that potentially offensive as they see their dogs as unique. The slim line cat food “cat-size” seemed to impress the experts much more, despite their television advert not being up to scratch.

Lord Sugar was left with making the decision as to which campaign was the better. He revealed that despite Logic’s better advert, Venture’s campaign was much better. This left Vincent with his 5th consecutive defeat, leaving him and two others in the firing line. Despite the Lord picking up on Jim’s weakness in the brand selection, Vincent selected both Natasha and Ellie to bring back into the final boardroom.

Natasha instantly picked her fight with Vincent, doubting the reasons why she was taken in, despite her advert being better than Venture’s. Lord Sugar was angry with Vincent’s refusal to bring Jim back into the final boardroom. However, he fired Ellie because of her lack of input throughout the five weeks.

He wasn’t done there though. Sugar’s firing finger had a second victim, as he quickly removed Vincent, for his 5th consecutive defeats and his tactical choices of who should return to the boardroom.

So, Lord Sugar fired two of the candidates this week, the quiet Ellie and the “not bad-looking” Vincent. Did you see that coming? As soon as Sugar fired Ellie I was sure Vincent was going to go as well… and I’m glad he did. Vincent was not the right candidate for the job. He wasn’t a good leader, he wasn’t creative and he was a loser (his record speaks for itself). Ellie was deservedly fired as well. She didn’t contribute to hardly anything in any task.

Jim showed his first signs of weakness this week, as Lord Sugar said “he had his card marked”. So the early favourite Jim has taken a scare. Who is doing to step up to the plate? Is there anyone who is actually good enough in this group of candidates?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m yet to see any real spark from anyone other than Jim. Helen hasn’t spoken, Natasha is annoying, Zoe is very bitchy and Edna is not a good candidate… and that is just the women. Leon looked uncomfortable pitching, Glenn’s leadership was a little counter productive and Tom still hasn’t won a task.

We did get treated to another classic Sugar one liner, “Not Logic, more Tragic”. Very true statement. Logic have been shambolic and have not performed.

Did you agree with both of Sugar’s decisions? Are you pleased to see the back of Vincent? For more Apprentice content, visit the official BBC website or check out “The Brand” on the official blog. Comment in all the usual places, Facebook, Twitter @naspearing or below in the comments section.




One thought on ““Not Logic, more Tragic” (contains spoilers)

  1. Glen wasn’t a great leader either though..he made some crap decisions and he’s lucky that the other team messed up that badly!

    I used to like Jim, but have come to realize he talks shit half the time. He works hard, but relies on his “Irish charm” more than anything else.. Is it me or Vincent had tears in his eyes on the last moments of the board room?
    Not impressed with Susan either to be honest…
    Zoe, Helen and Leon are alright I guess..

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