Just £6, extremely fine margins (contains spoilers)

Edna latest to be fired. Courtesy of Digital Spy

After last week’s double firing, Lord Sugar set his 10 candidates the task of setting up a business out of nothing. The candidates had to start a business in rubbish collection.

With Logic losing every single task, Sugar moved five-time winner Helen over to Logic to balance the teams. She quickly volunteered to be the teams project manager and look to guide them to their first victory. After some umm-ing and err-ing in the Venture camp, Zoe declared that she “is the project manager” (a very gutsy move).

Lord Sugar set up two contracts for the two teams to bid for. Helen quickly saw the value of the items they were asked to remove, so therefore offered to remove all of the rubbish for no charge. Zoe and Susan consistently argued throughout the business meetings, making themselves look very unprofessional. In the midst of the arguments, Zoe mis-read the situation and tried to over-charge the clients. Logic won both contracts.

While the girls pitched for contracts, the boys were sent to look for any scrap metal they could find to sell. Tom and Jim looked for waste from homes. This bought the funniest moment of the episode, as Tom attempted to steal a barbeque from someone’s front garden. Leon and Glenn loo

ked for commercial waste.

With tears in her eyes, Zoe revealed that she had made a mistake and lost the contracts, to which Glenn replied with an inspirational pep-talk to try to pick up the rest of the team. He succeeded as Venture picked up a contract from a plumber, which involved removing copper canisters.

Logic quickly got a third contract from a builder, who cheekily added bags to the pile when the team had gone. They sold the metals from the first of the contracts and the desks from the second, making a tidy profit.

When the teams entered the boardroom, it was clear that the teams were to be very close.  Zoe admitted she had made wrong decisions before the scores were even revealed. When Nick and Karren revealed the scores, it was closer than either team would have liked. However it was Logic’s day as they scraped home with a £6 win, giving Tom his first win of the series.

This left Venture in the firing line for the first time. Project manager Zoe decided to bring Edna and Susan into the final boardroom. With Lord Sugar praising Susan’s ability to grasp the concept of the ta

sk, but questioned how she crumbled to Zoe’s pressure. Zoe was praised for throwing herself into the mix, but was accused of being “a bull in a china shop” with her failure to understand the task.

Eventually, Edna was fired for her lack of contribution and for effectively being a PA, just organising meetings over the phone.

For me, Zoe dodged a bullet. She didn’t lead well, she cost the team the task and was only saved by Edna’s lack of contribution. Susan wasn’t convincing. She just folded to the bigger personalities in the competition. Leon seemed to be hiding in the background, just doing the manual labour side of the task, not contributing on the business side.

Tom contributed some good ideas for Logic, with him and Melody contributing some good ideas. Natasha stopped Jim from working his negotiating charms, interrupting his deal with the builder. Helen impressed me for the first time with her risky pitching strategy. Natasha once again didn’t impress me. She just isn’t a strong enough candidate. Glenn was impressive with his rallying of the team when Zoe had given up hope.

Glenn, Jim, Melody and Helen are the top candidates in the process for me.

I was disappointed with the lack of slaying one-liners from Lord Sugar and I was extremely unimpressed with Nick Hewers rubbish related pun while following the teams.

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