Yesterday I completed the most spontaneous purchase of my life. It seemed like a normal Sunday, chilling and watching football. That was until my dad texted me. He was in New York. “In the Apple store and they have MacBook Pro’s on offer… are you interested?”

After doing some quick researching into Apple’s prices in both the US and UK, I quickly found that the US was so much cheaper. I procrastinated the decision. over $1,000  on a product I hadn’t seen first hand and couldn’t verify. Was it worth a punt?

While he was browsing the department store Macy’s, he found me an even better deal. A brand new MacBook Air 13″ for a mere $960. I was stunned. How was this so cheap? Was it too good to be true?

I further research MacBook Air’s to see if they were worth the fuss. Every review was four out of five. Not bad by reckoning. I took a punt and paid for the new bit of kit, knowing full well it couldn’t be any worse than my terrible Dell laptop that crunches when it turns on!

Now I am sat here less than 18 hours later, typing this post on my brand new MacBook Air. And my first impressions? Awesome.

The speed of the thing is unbelievable (in comparison to my heap of shit Dell). It seamlessly moves between web pages, uploaded my iTunes library in a matter of minutes (all 21GB of it) and makes our sometimes sluggish Virgin Media broadband look fast.

I know I don’t have much technical knowledge of operating systems so I’m not going to pretend to analyse that. The ultra-thin lightweight notebook is perfect for carrying around. Despite being so small, the speakers still pack a punch.

I haven’t really had time to check out much else on my newest toy, but everything appears to be in working order. The only thing that is slightly annoying is that I’m not knowledgeable enough to truly test it out and I can’t find the Pound Sterling sign on the US keypad. Any help is more than welcome…


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