Supporting the Serb

Courtesy of Flikr

As a big sports fan, I will watch almost anything remotely sport related that is broadcasted. Be it Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Football, American Football, I will normally watch it. Something that hasn’t always interested me is Tennis.

It never really gripped me. Most sports I can follow all season long, keeping up with results and watching out for my favourite players/teams. But Tennis, I never have. Why? The lack of a favourite player? Maybe. The fact that the season lasts 11 months and they seemingly play a new tournament every week? More than likely. Tennis is one of those sports I follow for a two-week window. Like most Brits, I only really follow Wimbledon.

However, in the last few days I have found myself really getting into the Australian Open. The first grand slam of the year and, as expected, the top four seeds reached the semi-finals. Watching Britain’s Andy Murray playing Serbian world number 1 Novak Djokovic, I realised I was rooting for a winner and I do have a favourite player. Surprisingly for those who don’t know me, it isn’t the Brit.

It isn’t because I’m not patriotic and it isn’t just because I think Djokovic’s girlfriend is gorgeous, he just plays like a hero. He has great style on the court, controlling the game. He has the ability to beat anyone and the determination to never give up. Not only is his tennis amazing, he doesn’t come across as having the arrogance of Nadal and Murray or the swagger of Federer. He comes across as a down to earth man. I like that.

Part of my liking of Djokovic stems from one thing, him toppling the dominance of Federer and Nadal. I hate when one or two people totally dominate a spot for years, hence my hatred of Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher, so bringing a third person to the top of the game (sorry Murray fans) has made the sport much more interesting.

As for Mr Murray, I just don’t like him. He is arrogant (despite never winning a Slam) and miserable. Two traits I don’t like in a sportsman. Yes, I know I’m miserable, but as I regularly tell people “There is only room for one miserable man in my life, and that’s me!” Maybe not the best reasons to dislike someone I’ve never met but I’m entitled to my opinion.

But the battles of the top four is gripping. Despite my disdain of Murray, he played amazingly against Djokovic in the semi-final and, arguably, deserved to win. It was Djokovic who progressed to face the Spaniard Nadal in the final that is being played out as I type. So instead of getting out of bed on a glorious Sunday morning, I find myself laying in bed watching the action on iPlayer, rooting for the Serbian to beat the Spaniard.

Come on Novak…


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