What is it about snow…?

As the title of this post suggests, today I am going to be posing a question. What is it about snow? Let me elaborate. What exactly is it about snow that turns (almost) adults into 12-year-old children?

So today, you may or may not know, it’s been snowing in London. This, of course, meant that myself and my housemate put on our coats and gloves and became children again. Running around in the fresh white snow we found that we had the urge to start throwing snowballs. After 15 minutes of intense battle, we felt sufficiently childish and decided to make snow art.

Our very mature phallic symbol

This was equally childish. 10 minutes of solid sculpting created the phallic symbol on the side of our house. That really doesn’t sound like the behaviour of second year university students, does it? Even after our 20 minutes in the snow, we still couldn’t pin-point what it was about the snow that made us that way.

There is something magical about snow. It puts everyone (who doesn’t have to travel anywhere or have to work) in a good mood. It makes children go mad and adults regress. Even the most mature can’t resist a good play in the snow. I think it is the feeling of a “snow day” that makes the mood so light-hearted. That feeling you got as a kid, where you knew you would have the day off to go out and play with your friends.

And that feeling still remains today. Knowing that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow has given me that feeling. That excitement that bubbles up inside of you and makes everything feel great. Having already been challenged to a snowball fight tomorrow, I am already anticipating that amazing feeling you get when you throw that perfect snowball and hit someone between the eyes. Whether you are 12, 20 or 55, that feeling is still awesome…

Running in the snow with Ben Goold

2 thoughts on “What is it about snow…?

  1. i think it’s because it happens so rarely and also it is an infectious idea that it is fun to play in the snow…
    and of course it is fun
    its a cycle of mass hyper excitement.. a snowcycle of funn

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