Snow Patrol at the o2

Gary Lightbody. Courtesy of Flikr

Last night, Northern Irish alternative rock outfit Snow Patrol took to the stage of London’s o2 arena for the final show of their UK tour. Supported by Rams on Stage and Everything Everything, Snow Patrol showed their UK fan base that they know how to put on a show.

After missing much of the set of Rams on Stage, Everything Everything played their 40 minute set. The British band played a genre I would like to dub as ‘Whiney Electronica’, mixing synthesiser sounds with whiney vocals to create a sound I found not too pleasant. They played songs from their debut album ‘man alive’ as well as previewing a couple of new tracks.

Despite my early disappointments, I knew I wouldn’t be hearing whiney vocals when Gary Lightbody and Snow Patrol entered the arena. Playing to yet another sold out venue, the crowd erupted as Snow Patrol entered the stage, playing ‘I’ll never let go’ from their new album Fallen Empires. Fallen Empires is Snow Patrol’s sixth studio alum of the band’s 17 year career together.

As Lightbody began singing I, and the rest of the crowd, could feel his voice cutting through the crowd. Often criticised for his vocals in his early career, nobody could fault Lightbody’s vocals now. His voice was powerful and emotive, especially during the beautiful song ‘Run’.

The band played their near-on two hour set, including songs like ‘Chasing Cars’, ‘Take Back the City’ and many, many more. Lightbody commanded the stage, dedicating songs to audience members, friends and family. His performance was unbelievable, despite seeming like he had drunk one too many drinks!

I didn’t feel let down by the show they put on either. The amazing lighting

The snowflake light display. Courtesy of Adele Jones

complemented the music to perfection. With a huge snowflake of lights above the band, the crowd were treated to a spectacular show.

Despite the mellow nature of Snow Patrol’s music, the crowd seemed engaged in the gig and were very responsive. Singing along and jumping around to the final song, ‘Just say yes’, the crowd were better than I could have imagined.

Overall it was a fantastic display from Snow Patrol and the team behind their tour. Despite not being the most upbeat or uplifting gig ever, I still left with a smile on my face…


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