Finally, some decent TV…

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The Apprentice returns (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week has seen some cracking TV hit the screens of the people of the UK. We have been treated to more than just the usual junk, such as “desperate scousewives” or the terrible Channel 4 documentary “my phone sex secrets”. The BBC has stepped up with some top quality programming.

Firstly, we were treated to an insightful documentary, hosted by Richard Bacon about the dangers of internet bullying. To give you a taste of what I wrote about this show, here is the introduction:

“‘Cyber-bullying’ is a phrase that has permeated the cultural zeitgeist in recent years. With social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, playing such a massive role in communication in our society, it is unsurprising that negative interaction between ‘friends’ has transferred into the virtual world. Whether it be ‘banter’ or serious abuse, you don’t have to search far into these social media platforms to find interactions.”

To read the full article, click here.

However, the biggest TV story this week is the return of BBC’s business reality show, The Apprentice. Yes, Lord Sugar is back and once again looking for a business partner to invest £250,000 in. Again, to give you a taste of what I wrote, here is the introduction:

“This week has seen the return of one of the best entertainment shows to grace Britain’s television screens in the 21st Century. Yes ladies and gentlemen, our Wednesday evenings can once again be filled with sarcastic taunts, calamitous decisions and, of course, Nick Hewer’s judgmental looks. No, not Countdown… It’s The Apprentice.

The show that captures the imagination of Britain’s (supposed) top business minds, as they battle it out to earn a £250,000 business investment from the straight-talking Lord Sugar, is back on BBC 1 for the next 12 weeks. This is the second series since the shift to this new format. Last year’s winner, Tom Pellereau, launched his range of curved nail files this week. With the success of last year’s winner and the troubling financial time, the stakes are higher than ever.”

To read the full story, click here.


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