Completely insulting freelance pay rates

Yesterday I was searching LinkedIn for new potential freelance opportunities, when I stumbled upon a Gumtree ad for a “Sports Journalist (Freelance) for Innovative Sports Website”. After reading said advert and looking at the site, I decided that this was something that sounded appealing to a freelance journalist, with a particular interest in covering sport. 

As the advert suggested I should, I called the number of a man named Dean to find out more details. After talking with Dean about myself, where I write, what areas of sport I am interested and discussing his publication at length, I ended the conversation feeling optimistic about the possibility of writing for his website.

The feeling of optimism didn’t last long!

As discussed, Dean emailed me the pay rates of each article type and I was disgusted. Here is what he sent me:


I knew earning money as a freelance would be tough, but this was beyond belief.

I was completely insulted by the offer. Not only does he have the cheek to expect high quality journalistic work for terrible pay, but to source pictures and videos too. On top of that, he had the cheek to withhold 30% should the article be late. 30% off a fiver pay packet… is it even worth him keeping that? 

After calming down and mulling over my options, I devised the following response:



I think it is safe to say I will not be hearing from him again! 


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