Early season snow

Unless you have had the experience to do a season or got yourself a bargain trip, it’s unlikely that you’ve had the opportunity to experience early December snow conditions. All that’s been reported all autumn is the “historically bad” snowfall that the Alps has experienced. Needless to say, nobody has had high expectations for early season conditions.

However, I’m very happy to report that Klosters clearly hasn’t heard the doom and gloom. The Davos-Klosters ski area has not only been open, but has had excellent conditions. The Gotschanbahn is now open and the sun is shining. Naturally, the whole of the Parsenn area is not yet open (calm down, guys, it is only December 15th), but is about quality, not quantity right now.

The pistes are immaculate, mainly thanks to the amazing work of the pisteurs. The snow cannons have been firing on all cylinders and have left plenty for the early season snow hunters.

Over on the Jakobshorn, there are still only a few runs open and the Jatz Park is under-construction, but there’s still enough to get an afternoon’s worth of fun.

We are still on the lookout for some more fresh to build that all important snow base for the season, but for now, there’s still better skiing here in Klosters than almost anywhere else in Europe. Best of all, the pistes are empty. Get those skis on now!

Early season snow in Klosters
Early season snow in Klosters

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