Restaurant review: La Vacca- Flims/Laax

A short drive down into the valley and a steep ascent up the other side lead me to the world renowned ski resort Flims/Laax. A day of horrible weather and crowded pistes left the skiing with a lot to be desired, but the drive was more than worth it for one place.. La Vacca.

The teepee appeared out of the cloud to provide the perfect setting for lunch, as stomachs were beginning to rumble and hands beginning to get cold. As we walked through the door, we were greeted with a treat to all the senses. The sizzling of steaks on the grill make the perfect sound and smell to start the mouth watering.

Full of skiers taking a break from the whiteout conditions, the wooden booths decorated with cowhides and sheepskin rugs are full to the brim. Laughter and anecdotes fill the air. Taking our seats next to the huge fireplace in the centre of the tent (the perfect place to dry off wet ski gear), the range of authentic Swiss steaks on the menu make the red-blooded carnivores around the table extremely excited.

With the red wine flowing smoothly, our steaks arrived. A perfect cut of ribeye, cooked rare (naturally). The knife slides effortlessly through the cut of prime beef. The taste of the first bite of the juicy steak is a feeling second to none. Accompanied by a fluffy jacket potato, the food is to die for.

The service was pleasant and always attentive to the needs of the group. Despite confusion surrounding the day of the booking, the

staff were accommodating enough to find us a table, despite being a large party entering a seemingly full restaurant.

When describing a meal in La Vacca, you tend to run out of superlatives you can throw out there. The melt in your mouth steaks are some of the best you can experience in Europe or maybe even the world. However it is the quintessential Swiss charm of the place that makes La Vacca one not to be missed when visiting Flims/Laax.

La Vacca's glorious steak. Via Tripadvisor
La Vacca’s glorious steak. Via Tripadvisor

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