Spring skiing

The season has absolutely flown by! It seems like just a week ago we were wrapping up in 14 layers (that may be a bit of an exaggeration) and battling bracing winds on freezing cold days.

Here we are, in late March, with the season wrapping up and the valley becoming more and more green by the day. It’s a shame to see the snow melting, but there is still plenty of skiing to be done. Easter is just around the corner and another wave of people will be flooding to the resorts.

The south facing slopes are beginning to get a little slushy in the afternoons, but don’t let that put you off hitting the slopes in March or April. There are a few ways to be sure to get the best of the conditions.

It seems obvious, but staying high is important. The lower slopes will be getting cut up, so it’s best to ski them early. Likewise with the south facing pistes. North facing areas will be a bit crunchy and icy in the morning, but will be perfect in the afternoons.

With an off-piste guide you can safely go hunting for that elusive spring snow that’s yet to be cut up, without the fear that you will end up stranded in a meadow somewhere!

One tip that is not to be slept on, don’t forget to apply the sun cream. All those sunny al fresco lunches in the glorious spring sunshine is a recipe to get that traditional skiing goggles/glasses tan.

If you’re heading to the Alps this Easter, enjoy the snow and make the best of the conditions you have. The weather looks like it could be a bit of a mix, so there may even be a bit of Easter fresh for you!

Spring sunshine in Klosters
Spring sunshine in Klosters

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