Perfect season ender

Sadly, I am now back in England. Rather than sitting in a cafe starring out at the beautiful mountains writing, I’m looking out the window at the April rain. How depressing.

Now all I can do is look back through some of the amazing photographs I have taken and dream about living in the Alps once again.

So we were sat around planning how to have the perfect end to the perfect winter. Out of the blue, it was suggested that we should wake up at 3.30am of our last morning in Switzerland, strap the skins on the bottoms of the skis and climb up to over 2,000m to watch the sunrise.

Next thing I know, the alarm is set, the layers are on and we are climbing!

Even for an experienced backcountry skier, climbing from 1200m to 2000m in the early hours of the morning would be a daunting prospect. Although our ski fitness is at its peak, this was always going to be a tough challenge.

Getting the layers right was going to be important. Heating up and rapidly cooling was not a particularly enjoyable experience. Digging deep and pushing through was tough. As the gradients increased, tiredness, lack of sleep and sheer calf pain grew.

Snacks halfway up the Klosters path at 5.30am gave a well needed energy boost for the final push. As the sun began to rise over the mountain, we reached our resting point, just short of 2000m. Sitting watching the sun rise, I realised that our escapade up the mountain was the perfect ending to the season.

Skiing down on the completely empty piste at 7.30am was blissful. Skinning up makes you realise how easy skiing down is! We got some strange looks coming off the slope before the first lift was even open!

The early start and the hard work was definitely worth it. Perfect end to the perfect winter.

The sunrising over the mountains
The sun rising over the mountains

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